Wednesday, December 14, 2011

catching up part 2

we had a fun, low key, traditional Halloweena (as Zoe calls it) this year. we started off the night enjoying dinner with some of our neighbors and ended the night with trick-or-treating, of course. my night ended much earlier than Zach's and the girls'. i went home to take care of Boston while the trio bombarded our neighbors and each other for free candy. when they finally decided to call it a night they were so hyped up on sugar that i'm too embarrassed to admit what time they finally went to bed.

before the night festivities began, we carved a few pumpkins.
this was the best one of all.
do we get an "A" for effort? definitely.

the finished products
our little halloween skeleton with a pumpkin hat
(Avery thought it was a carrot :-)
our snow queen and ladybug
(on Decemeber 14th) better luck posting on time next year!

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